Why Vegan Sunday

I have been vegan on Sundays for the last 10 years. I have been so committed to this dietary habit. A couple of years ago it was my engagement party and there was some amazing food but I didn’t change my routine and I stayed vegetarian that day. Actually having that routine has some benefits here are some of them:

Detox: When you go vegan you will prefer eating healthy fresh meals. Most likely you will make your meals from scratch and you’d need the mostly basic ingredients. You will detox your body!

Self-Discipline: When you have this routine and be committed to it through out the weeks, months and years, then congratulations you have trained yourself to have self discipline.

Empathy: When you have so many options to eat everyday, then all of the sudden on your vegan day you’d have limited options. You will have sense of appreciation to what you have everyday, at the same time you will develop more empathy towards those who are less fortunate to have that luxury ¬†and you will experience their a snippet of their life. This reminds us to be grateful everyday for what we have.

Through my experience I have been very grateful to commit to this routine and I’m grateful that I’m surrounded by people like my husband and immediate family supporting me and encouraging me to do this.

Beside the mentioned benefits, my husband always makes us new yummy yet very basic recipes on Sundays!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and I hope you can try this dietary life style.


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