What is the process of building a website?

I get asked a lot about what is the process of buidling a website, or as client what I need to be aware of to make decisions on building a fantastic website. So I put together this blog.

Before getting started with building a website you need to have clarity about your business to answer following questions:

1. What does your business actually do?

2. What do you want your site to accomplish?

3. What makes your company remarkable?

4. Who exactly are your customers/audience and what are their pains and how you want to help them?

5. What websites do you like and why?

6. What features do you want your website to have?

7. For example, does your client want: A shopping cart? Social media implementation like Facebook feeds?

Answering these questions can help setting of the next phase of website creation:

1- Planning and research

a. Identifying what features the website will have. For example what colors, font, pictures, content, social media or not, video or not? When the website is needed to be live? What technologies and platform to use WordPress, plain html..etc? what hosting plan to use for example GoDaddy? There’s a lot to learn here but don’t worry the designer will answer all questions before you make a decision. Don’t forget to ask questions!

b. This phase is the most important one. Once the features are agreed a quote will be sent from the web designer to the client.

c. If everyone is happy with the designer will put together a plan for website creation!

2- Design

a. Wireframing, prototyping the website (sketching what the website will look like). Making final decisions about colors, font, content..etc

b. Iteration of design, getting feedback and improve the design until everyone’s happy!

3- Development

a. This is the actual engineering and coding of the website. Usually it’s the longest phase. The client can sit and rest here the designer will do all the work.

b. The client sends all the copy, images to go on the website!

4- Testing

a. Once the website is developed, she will make sure the website works well in all browsers and it’s mobile friendly

5- Pre-launching:

a. Documentation, teaching the client how to use the website

b. Providing source files of the website

6- Launching:

a. Transfer to server

7- Maintenance – future maintenance

Thank you for asking! Please make a comment, share or drop me a question if you have any. Your feedback in important to me.




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