The power of positive imagery

Last year this time I was giving birth to my son. My experience was more positive than anything; my body did a fantastic job delivering the baby. However the journey wasn’t easy. 
I had a slow progress long labor. In the delivery room there was a big beautiful picture of a mother holds her newborn. That picture became my focal point during delivery.

Despite long hours of pain, short staffed night, and keeping being moved to different rooms. At the end I was happy I was sent back to settle in room 14 where there was that big beautiful picture of a mother holds her newborn.

It helped me staying positive. I wanted to hold my baby just like the woman in that picture. So I focused on the picture during delivery.
It was as effective as having gas and air (laughing gass), birth partner, excellent midwife. I encourage and invite you to use positive imagery.

So I painted the same picture in my own expression

Mother son acrylic painting
Painting with acrylic materials
Process of coloring the painting
The picture that inspired me in the delivery room
minutes after giving birth

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