Happy new year…2019

Happy new year everyone. I wish you all happiness, joy, success, love in this world.

I was determined this holiday season to make a card. Since I have the ability to draw, paint, craft. The challenge was finding time since I have a baby. The other thing is coming up with a concept. In addition I wanted to do it with water-color this time. Which was new for me.

I managed to do it at the end. First, I bought a new set of Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor set to motivate myself. Then while I was experimenting with water-colour and shapes , I carried my sketchpad with me and I used any opportunity to craft the card.

For the concept, years ago a friend gave me a holiday card with 2 penguins hugging, each-one wearing a different hat representing a different religion. Which inspired me to create this new years card 2019. It doesn’t matter what hat you wear we can live in love and harmony with each-other.

 #newyearscard#newyearresolution #happy2019 #inclusiveness

Enjoy some pictures.
Happy 2019



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